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Men Working Together

Ask most women whether there should be a National Men’s Day, and they will laugh at you. “Every day is a man’s Day! What problems do men have?”

Men have many problems. We die younger than women, we commit suicide more frequently, and we are responsible for most of the crime and a lot of the violence in society. But it is a fatal step to infer that men are the problem per se. The problem is, we don’t have enough strong, healthy, balanced and loving men. We don’t have enough men who are free of women; men who neither seek to dominate nor submit to them.

The problem boils down to what men think a man truly is. You have John Wayne on the one hand, and Woody Allen on the other. The tough guy and the SNAG. Both are a load of crap.

There is so much bullshit about men, and we are suffering from it. Plenty of other blogs in the Men Going Their Own Way movement discuss the myths and lies about men, and with humour and a good deal of potent argument they demolish them.

But after the smoke has cleared and we all crawl out of the craters, there is some space for rebuilding what men actually are and can be.

This blog is about men, from a young Australian man’s perspective. This blog is about us, what we need, what makes us tick and how we can go forward. I want to talk about and provoke thought, and from thought, action such that men can redefine where they are going. Because where we are at now sucks, and where we have come from wasn’t that hot either.
We can make the change; the first step is to seed the ideas.

Gentlemen, we have a long road to go. At least let’s go down it together.

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